Do’s & Dont’s

  • Gentlemen: We’re shooting for the business casual and above look. A sure fire way to get in the door without having to worry about your attire is by wearing a collared, button-up shirt with dress pants or jeans and leather shoes. For those of you with more of an eclectic wardrobe, please use your best judgement or give us a call ahead of time if you’re still in doubt.
  • Ladies: The dress code is a little more lenient for the ladies. You can keep it casual with jeans and your favorite top or depending on the occasion you can slip into that cocktail dress or formal wear you’ve been waiting to wear Uptown.
  • Although we allow jeans, just like all other types clothing, they cannot be baggy, saggy, or torn.
  • No flip-flops, sunglasses, or beachwear is allowed.
  • No athletic shoes or hoodies are allowed.
  • Although this should go without saying, ABSOLUTELY NO WEAPONS ARE ALLOWED.

Grille & Club Hours